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Real feedback from Real Clients

  • Lon S. says:

    Hands down the most knowledgeable, the most helpful and the most effective real estate agents in Manhattan Beach. Service on every level is above and beyond. We were able to find our dream home off-market through Team McGuire’s hustle and insider info.

    Off-Market Experts
  • Martha P. says:

    Our family and I decided to move from Redondo Beach, CA to Virginia. A huge cross country move that was daunting to say the least, but went so smoothly and efficiently thanks to the McGuire Team! We cannot say enough about them! They set us up with all our repairs (deck, plumbing, electrical),  painting both inside and out, showings, and throughout the entire escrow period! And they touched base nightly on the progress and when and what would be our next steps. Their extensive connections throughout the Southbay area are impressive and made everything so smooth and easy! They were amazing!!!

    Compassionate and Organized
  • Kim B. says:

    My husband and I met Tim McGuire at an open house and we knew instantly that we wanted to work with them.  They exude professionalism and are completely neighborly too.  Colleen is the most knowledgable, complete and highly organized realtor. As a team their service is very polished and detailed and accurate.  They have the best inspectors, bankers, contractors to offer clients as well.  They are wonderful people and we have recommended to everyone we know.

    A Complete Package
  • Gabriel P says:

    Working with Colleen at Team McGuire was nothing short of perfection. Colleen was soooo understanding to our needs and attentive to every question & concern we had throughout the entire process. Colleen helped my wife and I as first time home buyers and explained every angle of the process from start to finish. We were extremely concerned with ensuring our kids and pets were taken care of and helped us find a home that has went above and beyond our expectations. We were very inexperienced in the home buying process and Colleen took care of us as if she was a relative who was concerned with not only finding the right home to fit our needs, but ensuring we were making the best decision for our future. I can’t imagine this process to have gone any smoother considering the obstacles, challenges, and fears we had walking in.

    A First Time Homebuyer’s Dream
  • Ryan R. says:

    Hands down the best real estate experience we have ever had anywhere and even then I don’t think the words of praise do Colleen justice. She and her team (Andrew especially) have such great instincts and manners of conduct that they do their profession proud and set new standards. What’s more: they know their market cold and are so well connected that I refuse to believe anyone who contradicts them. They hustle too. Nonstop. They work constantly and are always accessible. Phone. Text. Email. They are thorough and patient with every query or request. They are perfect agents.

    A Cut Above